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Are Politically Incorrect Gay TV Characters Gaycist?
Friday, September 7, 2012
The visibility of LGBT characters on TV, particularly on sitcoms, is higher than ever from Fox's Glee and ABC's Modern Family to the new comedies Partners on CBS and The New Normal on NBC. While these characters are being embraced by the mainstream, the gays are still on the fringes of soceity if you've been following this presidential race thingy leading to what GQ calls gaycism : the(...)
 New Film About Gay Dads Saving The Human Race, Plus The Top Five Queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Characters
Monday, July 14, 2014
In Credence , two gay fathers grapple with sacrificing their only daughter for the sake of the human race.Billed as the first sci-fi of its kind to challenge the way gay characters are portrayed in film, the filmmakerscould(...)
 UK: Councillor claims politically correct Gestapo' responsible for gay cake row
Friday, July 11, 2014
A councillor has claimed that a "politically correct Gestapo" is targeting Christian businesses, following a row over a Christian bakery. (...)
 Singapore: Libraries remove children's books over gay characters
Thursday, July 10, 2014
Children's books featuring lesbian and gay characters removed from libraries. (...)
 Russell T Davies: Why aren't there gay characters in Star Wars?
Friday, July 4, 2014
Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies has claimed there is "vast empires" of shows where gay people don't exist. (...)
 Modern Family Has Been Remade in Iran Without Gay Characters
Thursday, July 3, 2014 in Australia reports that Iran has produced their own version of the popular US TV show Modern Family but with one big difference no gay characters. Read the full story from
 Candidate for EU President under fire over politically transsexual' joke
Friday, June 27, 2014
The man set to become the next president of the European Commission has been condemned for joking that he is "politically transsexual". (...)
 The 5 Best Gay Characters on TV
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
The New York Post reports that the gay character on a television show has come a long way since 1997, when Ellen DeGeneres used her sitcom, Ellen, to come out one of several watershed ""(...)
 Disney Characters Flipping Gender Probably Not What Walt Had In Mind
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Who knew Disney princesses would come out so twinky when drawn as boys?Sorry, stupid question.Artist Sakimi Chan produced these animated genderswapped princes and princesses that would certainly make for a different sort of(...)
 See Which Nintendo Characters Are Totally Gay For Each Other
Monday, May 19, 2014
John Oliver is finding his mojo on his weekly HBO news satire show Last Week Tonight .On the fourth installment of the program last night, he noted that Saturday was the 10th anniversary of Massachusetts becoming the first(...)
 Prominent American author believes UK is more welcoming than US of LGBT characters
Thursday, May 8, 2014
The UK is more accepting of gay and bisexual characters in their books, according to author Cassandra Clare. (...)
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